Sunday, September 5, 2010

Memoirs Of A Lone Drifter..(For the record: No thing to do with me)

(P.S: this is an attempt of creative writing in English..It is filled with mistakes ,mis-spellings ,disconnected thouhts and heavy load of boring stuff .Consider your self warned)

He walked..

He'd been walking for so long ,he forgot when did he start ,or where did he start his jurney ,and he didn't care.. He was here ,that was enough for him..


He crossed great distance..

He stopped...Looked back to all the plains ,the hills ,the rivers he crossed..

Then he looked ahead...More plains were there..More hills and rivers..

He knew he had to cross them.

He sighed ,shrugged ,and started walking again..


He was tired alright ,but stopping was not an option..Not now ,not at this stage of his jurney..

He assumed he was in the midway to his destination..He couldn't remember his destination any more ,but by now he knew it was the jurney that matters ,not the destination..

(A jurney of a thousand miles begins with a single step)

He smiled ,looked down to his worn shoes..How many miles had he crossed so far?

He didn't know ,and again ,he didn't care..


He thought of those he had to leave behind..

those who loved him unconditionally ,and he loved them back..But he had to leave them ,out of love.

For this ,he cared..


His jurney was not a lonely one..

He had companions along the way.. People whom he trusted with his life...and they never let him down, but they ,like him, had their own jurneys ,their own plains to cross ,their own rivers..

They were away...But they were there..This much he knew..

And that was enough


He lied down on his back on the dew wet grass..

He was gazing at the Moon..

The shiny ,scarred, beutiful silver surface ,like a huge coin in the sky..

Was that light only a reflectin of the Sun?all this sad beauty only a reflection?? He thought that was possible ,but this didn't diminish the magic of the moment..

Then he shifted his gaze to the stars..

With their cold blue light ,like diamonds on violet velvet..

They were different from the ones he used to watch in the beginning of his jurney..

He started drawing imaginary lines..connecting the stars...

He was looking at a face..A familiar one he knew so well for all his life..The face was looking down at him..

He kept his eyes on the stars for so long ,before he closed his eyes and went to sleep..

He never knew ,but he cried in his sleep.


He was walkig again..

His shadow ,casted by the silver moonlight ,was in front of him...

He smiled ,it occured to him that it looked like he was chasing his own shadow..It occured to him he was definitly going to lose. It was so rediculous ,he started laughing.

Then there was that noise from behind the bushes..

He didn't turn his head..

He knew what he would see if he did

They followed him from the beginning..with their yellow ,bright,sick eyes and shapeless dark bodies..

His own demons..

He used to fear them..They always came for him when he was feast on his fears ,his darkness ,his restless..

But he didn't fear them anymore..

He accepted them now ,as a part of his jurney ,a part of him.. He hated them alright ,but they were there..So better to live with that..It was an ongoing battle ,he knew he couldn't win ..But he definitly woldn't allow him self to lose..A draw was fine with him


He ,again, looked forward..

long was his way ,

Something was always waiting around the corner..

A caring face may be

or a helping hand

more rivers ,

larger plains,

higher hills,

He didn't know anymore where does his path lead to..

He just enjoyed the ride..


Till next time



Genuine Breath said...

You are wrong there, this is not a bad writing at all, I really enjoyed the prose imagery and some artistic lines...Perhaps a deeper look at the use of the punctuation, omitting some filler pronouns here and there would make your flow much better... But in any case, it's a fine enjoyable read.

Thank you for sharing.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Thank you very much for your support...
AndI am certainly glad that you liked what I wrote..

WEDA said...

you are doing well in english writing go on bro ..........really nice

Enlightened Spirit said...

It was very touching to me , I felt myself there hiding behind each letter ...
Please my friend , keep writing this kind of posts.
Enjoyed each tiny bit of it ...

Benghazi Citizen said...

Weda: thank you ..Gladyou think it is nice...:)
E.S: we all are in a although we like to think other wise ,we all go through the same path..
Thank you very much ,E.S...

dr.butterfly said...

very well done here BC...!!
it's been a while since i have took a glance on your blog, but honestly i enjoyed your every word, your every line.
do not stop and keep pouring your thoughts by your simple and glorying words :)

i can't wait to read more... thank you for sharing it with us!


Benghazi Citizen said...

Thanks...I really feel flattered...
and I feel really pleased that you like what I wroe:)
hank you dear friend