Monday, December 21, 2009

The Step: New Horizons

I was always fond of seeing new places , testing new things , facing new challenges.But the biggest adventure ,and the most challenging step I have ever made is this time.

I moved to live in Canada for a while.It is a big step ,I never spent more than few weeks in any where out side Libya.

I don't know yet for how long I will be staying here.
I started working ,I enjoy the new experience.
OF course ,every thing is different ,the land scape ,the weather,the traffic laws( well,that is the main issue for me at the moment)
I took this step after much consideration ,and with the support of some of the closest people to me.
They encouraged me to take this step ,to try some thing new ,restarting my career,reaching new horizons,and to see more of the world.
They were great ,their support was amazing ,and their words were inspiring.
So ,I took this step ,I left every thing I (thought) I knew ,to sail through uncharted (dimensions)So ,here we go.
I don't know what the future hides ,but what ever it is ,I just wish it will be some thing nice. At least no monsters ,demons ,or dragons lurking in the dark..
Pray for me friends
Till Next Time