Monday, December 21, 2009

The Step: New Horizons

I was always fond of seeing new places , testing new things , facing new challenges.But the biggest adventure ,and the most challenging step I have ever made is this time.

I moved to live in Canada for a while.It is a big step ,I never spent more than few weeks in any where out side Libya.

I don't know yet for how long I will be staying here.
I started working ,I enjoy the new experience.
OF course ,every thing is different ,the land scape ,the weather,the traffic laws( well,that is the main issue for me at the moment)
I took this step after much consideration ,and with the support of some of the closest people to me.
They encouraged me to take this step ,to try some thing new ,restarting my career,reaching new horizons,and to see more of the world.
They were great ,their support was amazing ,and their words were inspiring.
So ,I took this step ,I left every thing I (thought) I knew ,to sail through uncharted (dimensions)So ,here we go.
I don't know what the future hides ,but what ever it is ,I just wish it will be some thing nice. At least no monsters ,demons ,or dragons lurking in the dark..
Pray for me friends
Till Next Time


Bumedian said...


Congrats on your new beginning... hope you have the best out of it... be reminded that you are a messenger now and just let the message reach its receivers

take care... and be fine


elekomm - إليكــم said...

السلام عليكم

موفق اخي ( مواطن بنغازي ) في هذه الخطوة و البداية الجديدة

في انتظار تدويناتك وملاحظاتك فيما يحيط به هناك ( طبعاً اذا سمح الوقت ) وبنغازي وليبيا بصفة عامة في انتظار عودة سالم غانم

تحياتي~ ~ ~ ~

Omar Gheriani said...

Go forward my friend, endure the snow and the cold, and ever swim to the other side of the lake for there are no monsters underneath. My best wishes and regards.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Bumedian: thank you for the encouraging words.. Messanger? ,wow,this is a big responsibility...
I know by now i represent the place i came from ,and the environment i was raised on.. So,I hope I will be up to it..
Thank you for your kind words.
and thank you for visiting my blog
elekomm:Thank you very much.I hope things will be fine ,and May God take my hand through the obstacles..
Benghazi is always a part of me ,dont worry..
Thank you again.
Gheriani: Thank you .As usual ,you picked up what i mean ,and wt hides in between the lines..
LEt's hope this lake will have none of these demons ,coz i had enough of them... All the stress ,and uncertainty..
Thank you very much for your support

Enlightened Spirit said...


dr.butterfly said...

hey there B,C!!!

i'm soo happy for you, experiencing something new is always nice!... and it's canada (very simple people)... that is my home land, so i do hope you enjoy your stay there!!

and you have my full support!! inshaa allah it will be a delightful stay :) and i wish you all the best of success in your journey!

please keep us updated, if u have time... and remember... take care of yourself,,!!!


Benghazi Citizen said...

E.S: well,although yyou didnt say any thing ,I made a lot of conclusions: First,you are really busy,so you dont have time to write much ,and busy is good ,because it means there is a lot going on. second: that you check my blog often ,and putting being busy in mind ,this is really good for MY ego. Thank you for finding the time to stop by.
wish to hear more from you..:)
Dr.Butterfly: thank you very much.. It is a change. big one. It is nice so far. A bit cold for my taste though ,lol..
Thank you for the support dear friend..
Be well.
P.S: I remember I posted 2 comments about the poems ,but didt appear after wards!! did you get them?
BE well

WEDA said...

i knew that you did it just after you left ............i know who you are so i'm really sure you'll get all the best.........just keep on as you are my friend .........i hope you find all what you are dreaming of ........
fe aman allah
i hope to see on facebook soon

Anonymous said...

عاصم صديقي كنت محظوظة برؤيتك قبل أن تذهب

اتمنى لك التوفيق

غيداء التواتي

Benghazi Citizen said...

weda:Hiii. Sorry I didn't get the chance to say proper good byes.. It was just crazy. I will certainly join Facebook,some time i
well,take care..
See you dear friend.
غيداء: شكرا صديقتي العزيزة. وفقك الله في كل أمورك. أنا سعيد جدا أننا تقابلنا,و أرجو لك دوام النجاح.. آمل أن نلتقي من جديد ..الى اللقاء

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen or now should we address you as Canadian ;-)

Mabrook! I'm so excited for you and your willingness to stretch and spread your wings. May you be forever more wiser and blessed for your willingness, inshallah.

Should you ever go south (U.S. - California specifically) be sure and look Amira and I up.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hello ibeebarbie: I'm in Canada now ,but you know the saying ,once you were in Benghazi ,Benghazi will always be part of you(Well,,i just made that up ,lol)
Thank you for your kind words. It is a new life i am trying to start ,It is exciting ,and of course ,scary a little..
I certainly will be glad if get the chance to go south some time, and I assume i will be welcom in California ,right?
Thank you.and have a wonderful day

Brave Heart said...

Sallam BC
All the best in your journey, I believe u'll be safe and achieve what u planned for. After 5 yrs away from Libya my 2 cent advice is that watch the time, it is really scary thing, it is passing so quick.

Again All the best in your life

Benghazi Citizen said...

Brave Heart:
hello dear friend
well,your 2 cent advice is soooooo true,lol..I feel dizzy from the fast pace of every thing around me.Thank you ,and take care.Regards

Anonymous said...

Welcome Neighbor! Well...... your now one of us!!!!!! a snow creature! Ha ha! The town is absolutely adorable! It has that "cozy" feel, and YES.... we do have driving laws! Cool isn't it! I am so happy your here! Now just take a deep breath and enjoy every minute of your "new" experience! Life is good, rest is good, having time to yourself is good! This spring you will LOVE your surroundings. The nature around you is beautiful. The trees and water will give you a sense of peace. Again, Very happy your here! K.H.