Friday, October 17, 2008

The museum(Again?)

This time I'm talking about another museum.. not my visit to the Royal Ontario Museum vist ,which i talked about in this post HERE..
It is about Tripoli Museum (Elsaray Elhamra or the Red Palace) ,which i had the opportunity to visit a while ago when i visited Tripoli for the traditional Libyan Official Papers Chase Bureaucracy..sigh.
Anyway ,a few people-even among Libyans- appreciate how rich our history is..
Many cultures rose and fell in our country..From prehistoric stone age to modern days..
Libya is said to have the largest collection of Roman Empire remains out side Italy.
There is also the Greek remains,the mysterious desert cultures (Ghadamis is a good example) ,Early ancient churches which are said to be built only few years after the birth of Christianity.
Anyway ,i am not really qualified to discuss the charming history of Libya..But here is some of the pictures i took that day ,without me interfering much with my smart comments...

The small artificial lake in front of the Museum.

The historical walls of the Museum

The Museum

Another view

I do hope you've enjoyed them...

Best regards..

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Benghazi Citizen

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

About Economy..

I came up with my own theory regaring the financial crisis that is hitting so many nations all around the globe..

It is not like I understand much about economy ..I always suffer my own financial crisis near the end of the month ,before my pay check due.....

Anyway ,back to my genius theory:

yes ,you didn't mis-read that....

years ago ,I memorized this simple nursery rhyme ,and every time and then there is always some body or some thing remind me of its words..

This time it is the global financial crisis..Actually ,it fits the description of this crisis..How Fragile it actually is ,although it seemed very hard from out side..and how empty it is from inside...It sat really high on the wall (?! Wall Street) ..And it fell...And all King's men and horses are trying to put it together..

Any way,read this poem ,consider ,and you will find out how applicable it is on the current situation:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again

What do you think?

Best regards dear friends

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Benghazi Citizen

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good byes ,Pictures ,and few other things..

Hello every body...

It's been a while...As usual,I was really busy at work. A really tight work schedule that makes me only think of my bellow when i got home..

This Ramadan was extra special for of my best friends came back to Libya for a vacation of only 2 weeks..I had the chance to spend some time with his adorable ,active,bi-lingual 3 years old daughter..Of course being busy most of our time ,I couldn't spend as much time as I wanted to..Today he left Benghazi to go back to Europe,and to his work..8 weeks ago ,my other best friend (Dr.Sho)came and he also stayed for only 10 days..and again ,frustrating enough ,I couldn't spend much time with him..Guys ,I do miss you...


This picture was just few minutes before sun set in the last week of Ramadan..As usual ,and as an undying tradition of fasting Libyans ,this trafic jam was caused because of search for a god hot fresh loafs of tasty Libyan bread...A custom i my self take part in occasionally...Sweet people with Ramadan temper(Tehsheesh) .Don't you just like it:)...


There is much talk about mega-projects in Libya..And Benghazi has its share of the promises...

We have many demolitions in process..Many streets being dugged for one reason or another..Still the work is at a very slow pace ,kinda of disappointing..But the beutiful change was covering many bare dirt areas with carpets of grass that was -according to some sources-imported from abroad ..well,of course they were brought to Tripoli International Air port ,stacked on big trucks ,and sent more than 1000 Kelometers to the Esat to Benghazi ,resulting in stunning costs..Some body along the way had apparently forgatten about Benina Air Port ,which lies only few Kilometers out side Benghazi ,which if used can reduce the cost dramatically...

Any way ,the out come was great...Carpets of green covers many parts of the city...It made it glow..And I think it worths every cent ,providing that authorities take care of them ,and keep them green and shiny..I only provided one picture,since i dont go out much...but i think you got the idea..


The next few pictures were taken from The medical emergency department ,where i have to spend night shifts as a part of my medical trainig program... Don't be fooled by the empty beds ,i took this picture during one of the rare moments of quite peace.. There is only 2 doctors in this emergency room ,with only 4 nurses and 10 beds in total..You can imagine how fun the night shift become when you know that in average we see from 200 to 300 patients in 12 hours shifts....some times even more..Some times we assess patients on chairs and while standing cause there is no room for them...This picture was taken just few minutes after sune rise and most people are asleep at there homes...good for them..

The following picture is of the small quite garden in the back of the emergency room..It was taken really early in the morning ,my legs are aching from the long stand ,but i just love the cool early morning i go out to get some..

Few Kilometers To the west of Benghazi ,there is this small archeological site..

When i was a young Libyan boy scout ,perhapse 15 years ago ,i ,with my fellow boy scouts ,participated in some excavation work with some researcher from Garyounis university..We spent a week digging the ground and cleaning the ancient objects we got from under the ground...

Since then ,there was no more excavation in the area .And still most of the building is burried under tons of dirt...But i love to go there at least twice a year..just to think and consider...


That's all for now..
I will try to update you sooner....
I will try to post more blogs as i can...
Benghazi Citizen