Friday, October 17, 2008

The museum(Again?)

This time I'm talking about another museum.. not my visit to the Royal Ontario Museum vist ,which i talked about in this post HERE..
It is about Tripoli Museum (Elsaray Elhamra or the Red Palace) ,which i had the opportunity to visit a while ago when i visited Tripoli for the traditional Libyan Official Papers Chase Bureaucracy..sigh.
Anyway ,a few people-even among Libyans- appreciate how rich our history is..
Many cultures rose and fell in our country..From prehistoric stone age to modern days..
Libya is said to have the largest collection of Roman Empire remains out side Italy.
There is also the Greek remains,the mysterious desert cultures (Ghadamis is a good example) ,Early ancient churches which are said to be built only few years after the birth of Christianity.
Anyway ,i am not really qualified to discuss the charming history of Libya..But here is some of the pictures i took that day ,without me interfering much with my smart comments...

The small artificial lake in front of the Museum.

The historical walls of the Museum

The Museum

Another view

I do hope you've enjoyed them...

Best regards..

Till next time

Benghazi Citizen


abdullah SH said...

oh wish visit it sooon .. sience i in primary school didnt visit it !!! bt iam always enjoyd `e area around ths museum " adorable " wish u enjoy `e tripoli evn thrs crowded all d time ...

salam ...

Libyeah! said...

i love this museum

my favourite exhibition is the one with the animals and things though

a_akak said...

I think the "Saraya" museum is a very good one and we dont give it enough credit as a friend of mine (from Canada) recently visited Libya and she had only praise for the museum and was impressed

Thank for the pictures :)

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

I did indeed enjoy this post, I absolutely love pictures from Libya and you can not get better than the museuem, thanks a lot.

have you see the following article? its about the negelct of some of the oldest artifacts at the museum and the neglect of the building itself, it really is sad!

Anonymous said...

Cool rocks.....doc! hahahaha! You know me...had to say it! I really enjoy seeing photos of your country. Would like to see more of the people and places, everyday life. As much as we are all alike... we still live in different cultures. I am curious about your (world) just like most are curious about mine! Hope to see a nice LONG email soon! Katie your Michigan fan

Benghazi Citizen said...

abdullah sh:i like the area around the castle vivid..i'm always curious about the tripolians custom of taking a groom there by his friends to celebrate him..quite interesting..right?:) and go visit it dear is really nice..
libyeah: i love it is a really educational place..
Good to see you here..
a-akak: the museum is rich with so many things of great cultural is shame that Libyans are not taught to praise such beuties...but things will change hopfully..
anglo-libyan:I'm glad u liked the post..The thing about museums that they tell you a lot about your culture and back ground..It tells you that you have a history you can be proud of..But neglect and corruption can ruin that..
Unfortunately the link you recommended didnt work..i will try again some other time..
K.H: the people are the same every kennedy mentioned once that we all live on the same planet ,value the lives of our children and care about our futures..But we have different perception of life..This doesn't mean we should collide or some just mean that we are different ,because this is the we we were created..Quran say that Allah created different nations and tribes so we can get to kn ow each other...Even if we are so different..
i will try to post some people's pics..but u know me..i'm a rocks man...lolol..seriously..i will try
write you soon my michigan friend..
Thank you all dear friends..
Best regards

enlightened spirit said...

Oh...Assaraya and the area around it is one of my favourite places in my sweeethome "Tripoli", I actually spent most of my last days walking and meditating there, with a sweet family company.
But I wonder about the water fountain in assarya lake, Is it new?
If it is new, I'll really believe that things are changing in a kind of reasonable pace, it is only two and half months passed since I left, and this fountain wasn't there.
I hope more valuable things are changing.

Thank you my friend for sharing the pictures, and hope u enjoyed ur time in Tripoli, though I'll not be surprised if u didn't, coz u know I am not there, so most of Tripoli's charming is gone:)


my smart friend

tell hext time

take care

"I borrowed ur sentence"


The Miner said...

Nice pictures....

Benghazi Citizen said...

enlightened spirit:When i'm in Tripoli ,i mainly like to take my walks around that area.Of course there is always the risky buisiness of crossing the busy street with the crazy speedy drivers..brrrr.
I think that every city's soul lies in a particular place..In Paris ,it is Eiffal Tower. In London ,It is Big Ben..In Benghazi ,It WAS Omar Elmokhtar Tomb ..In Tripoli ,It is Essaraya Elhamra.It is a place where u can feel the beat of the city.
well,enough with the
About the fountai ,perhapse it is new ,possible it is old and repaired..we had one in 23 of july lake in Benghazi ,but it's been busted for ages.
I', glad u borrowed my sentence..that is really good for my ego ,dont u think?:)
Thank u for calling me smart ...That is good for my ego too,,although i wish i really i'm...
Best regards dear friend
bless u..
till next time:)
The miner:that is one cool name...
Any way,i'm glad u liked the pics..come visit often..

LoveLyH said...

حلوه الصور
نتفكر اني مشيت للمتحف مع صحباتي وقت كنت نشتغل في الروضه
تقريبا سنة 2005
كان المتحف فاضي ولا حد لاهي بينا شنو ممكن انديروا
طبعا احنا كنا عاقلين بكل
نضبحوا علي بعض بصوت عالي
ونضحكوا ونتفرجوا وهكذا

ذكريات حلوه كانت
بماأنك جيت لطرابلس خيرك ماقتلش نبي نشوف هيبوا او نشوف عبد الله او غيره وغيره

اني توا زعلانه

MusicLover said...

Usually most people do not visit their own local landmarks but very few do.

I do have a comment on your photos, revisit the museum and retake the same shots, once with flash and once without flash, plus take more shots of the object you taking from different angles because of the lights of museum. This way you will end up with one excellent photo of subject. Take tons of photos, then delete the ones you do not like.

Thank you for the photos plus I think the museum is worth another visit :-)

Keiko Matsui

Benghazi Citizen said...

lovelyh: متحف طرابلس كنز حقيقي يجب المحافظة عليه و تنميته هو و كل المعالم الأثرية و السياحية في ليبيا...و تمام انك قعدت عاقلة في المتحف,مافيش الا التماثيل يسمعو فيكم....
و بجد اسف,كانت رحلة سريعة ,حقكم عليا ,و المرة الجاية حنعلن عن قدومي ,,يعني ,لزوم الفرش الحمر و الورود و التشريفات:مانبيش نربكم..
شكرا هيبو...
music lover:thank you for the advice..i wnjoy visiting places ,seeing new sights and adding new thing to my brain every time and then...i don't take many pictures though..i use my cell phone cam(that's why the pics doesnt look so good),but i'm planning to get a good digital cam some time soon(I hope!)
Thank you dear friend..see u soon.
N.B:The piece u sent is beutiful..thanks

enlightened spirit said...



gheriani said...

Eid Mubarak for you and your family.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Eid Mubarak to you and your family dear BC

كل عام و أنت بخير

enlightened spirit said...

Eid Mubark
may the guidence and blessings of Allah always be with you and your family...

Benghazi Citizen said...

gheriani ,anglo-libyan and enlightened spirit: Thank you very much..and bless u all and ur families in these holy days