Friday, February 22, 2008


Is's February 22ndز
And no ,It's not my birth day ,,but i like the date..

I didn't feel like writing lately..

Except that it's February 22nd..

It's just a


Benghazi Citizen

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear Friend:

Dear Friend:

It's been a while since we talked for the last time..

Things has changed.Not necessary to the better...

I was surprised when i saw you walking in to the room..We were talking about you minutes ago..

You were different..

You looked the same ,but some thing was different about you..

Something that i've never imagined it would happen ,some thing had changed inside you..

I remember the last time we met..

The last time we really talked.

I thought of all the time we used to spent together.Our heated discussions, our secrets sharing ,our silliest jokes which made no body else to laugh but us..

Dear Friend:

I saw you today for the first time ,although I saw you hundreds of times before..

Today we shared no more than a few hellos and how are you's ,a few conservative smiles as if we were starngers.I believe that is the case..

I remember our chats and laughs ,when we were young and we thought that those moments would last for ever.We made an agreement:It is a for ever kind of a thing..

But we were young..

Friendships ,like every thing else ,fade away.

Was it my fault or yours?

We know the answer for that..

It is the unexpected small things that we allow to grow bigger..

It is ignorance ,anger ,unability to forgive or forget. A bitterness that was to stay.

Yes ,friendships are about forgiving..But sometimes the hardest task ever is to forgive those you trusted..The hardest thing ever is to apologize and to let go...It's too late ,but i do apologize..

Dear Friend:

Life lead us to different paths ,a thing we were joking about ,but we never thought it will come..

The few friends we had left to seek their future thousands of miles away ,they got stuck in their lives .We thought that wouldn't happen to us ,we thought that we will stay the way we were ,young and childish...But this was no more..

It's been a while since we saw each other ,and we were distined to meet again just days before you leave to seek a better future thousands of miles away your self..

We took different roads ,for better or worse ,we sure can't know that.But i know that I thought i was doing the right thing ,but i wasn't..

Seeing you today made me think of all the choices we made in hour lives..All the decisions we had to deal with...All the bitterness that comes with adulthood..

You gave me many chances to make things right ,and i blew them away.
I tried to cope with the issues we had ,but i was never accused of being flexible ,so i couldn't..

Dear Friend:

I saw you today ,and i knew for a fact that it is the last time for years to come ,perhapse this was the very last time ,and all we did was to exchange bitter smiles ,look away ,and leave in a hurry..

We like to think that it is disteny ,but i believe we were given the choice to make our own and we-I- turned the offer down...
Dear Friend:

Good Bye.
Sincerely Yours

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Road To Hapiness

Define happiness?..

What does this word mean to you?

Can you do that for me?define happiness?

Some would say it is embracing faith and God..

Some would say :happiness is a choice. You choose to be happy ,and happiness is yours..

Some would say it is fate..

Some would say it is the look on the face of your beloved one while you whisper your affection softly..

Some says it is the smile on the innocent face of a child..

Or in helping starving kids in the African deserts..

What is happiness?

Is it love?

Is it faith?

is it achieving your dreams?

Is it sharing?

Is it indulging your self in lust?

Again ,define happiness?

Is it no more than a chemical delusions made by our brains ,as scientists tell you?

Or is it our souls reaching to higher levels?

What is happiness?
Why does it matter to us?
Why we spend our lives seeking it ?
What is this so complex ,yet so simple creature?
I'm out of words

Till next time


Sunday, February 3, 2008

My 15 minutes!!

Hello every body..

When i puplished THIS post ,some asked me to send it to the local Quryna قورينا news paper,so I did..

To tell the truth I didn't expect it to be puplished...But to my surprise ,a very good one that is ,an SMS message told me to check the the paper issued on thurseday ,JAnuary 31st ,2008..

And,,it was there...

Nice surprise ,right..

So ,i think i will enjoy my 15 minutes ,that in case that more than 10 people have read the article...:)

Well...It is nice and exciting....

Till next time

My best regards

Benghazi Citizen