Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear Friend:

Dear Friend:

It's been a while since we talked for the last time..

Things has changed.Not necessary to the better...

I was surprised when i saw you walking in to the room..We were talking about you minutes ago..

You were different..

You looked the same ,but some thing was different about you..

Something that i've never imagined it would happen ,some thing had changed inside you..

I remember the last time we met..

The last time we really talked.

I thought of all the time we used to spent together.Our heated discussions, our secrets sharing ,our silliest jokes which made no body else to laugh but us..

Dear Friend:

I saw you today for the first time ,although I saw you hundreds of times before..

Today we shared no more than a few hellos and how are you's ,a few conservative smiles as if we were starngers.I believe that is the case..

I remember our chats and laughs ,when we were young and we thought that those moments would last for ever.We made an agreement:It is a for ever kind of a thing..

But we were young..

Friendships ,like every thing else ,fade away.

Was it my fault or yours?

We know the answer for that..

It is the unexpected small things that we allow to grow bigger..

It is ignorance ,anger ,unability to forgive or forget. A bitterness that was to stay.

Yes ,friendships are about forgiving..But sometimes the hardest task ever is to forgive those you trusted..The hardest thing ever is to apologize and to let go...It's too late ,but i do apologize..

Dear Friend:

Life lead us to different paths ,a thing we were joking about ,but we never thought it will come..

The few friends we had left to seek their future thousands of miles away ,they got stuck in their lives .We thought that wouldn't happen to us ,we thought that we will stay the way we were ,young and childish...But this was no more..

It's been a while since we saw each other ,and we were distined to meet again just days before you leave to seek a better future thousands of miles away your self..

We took different roads ,for better or worse ,we sure can't know that.But i know that I thought i was doing the right thing ,but i wasn't..

Seeing you today made me think of all the choices we made in hour lives..All the decisions we had to deal with...All the bitterness that comes with adulthood..

You gave me many chances to make things right ,and i blew them away.
I tried to cope with the issues we had ,but i was never accused of being flexible ,so i couldn't..

Dear Friend:

I saw you today ,and i knew for a fact that it is the last time for years to come ,perhapse this was the very last time ,and all we did was to exchange bitter smiles ,look away ,and leave in a hurry..

We like to think that it is disteny ,but i believe we were given the choice to make our own and we-I- turned the offer down...
Dear Friend:

Good Bye.
Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said...

Your newest groupie is wondering if your past is starting to fade a bit? Maybe, Just Maybe you can see a future???? Do you think maybe, just maybe a loss in life can bring about a new found friendship?
I am proud of you doc! I think your right.....no little blue pills for you! As always I love the work! Keep writing, K.H.

enlightened spirit said...

Life has had its ups and downs
Sometimes you think you cant last the rounds.
But there is always the moon above
To make you see the love.

Change is always there to surprise
Not sure when it will arise.
Take this change and make it happen
Don’t be left slacken.

With each experience and each day
You must find time to play.
Now the change will erase the past
Look forward to something that will last.

Tides ebb and flow.
And with each tide you will grow
Are you ready to face the tide
Hope aboard and enjoy the ride.

Alison Smit

ur words my friend touched a nerve, and brought a mixture of bad and beautiful memories, thanx for sharing them.

LoveLyH said...

Was Good to read and to feel the words.
Thanks for sharing..

Crowded Mind said...

your words touched me
Don't shut yourself off from the rest of the world,

You have the faith and confidence to be honest and open so make the most of it,and talk to this friend and make it clear
Don't ever hide any thing in your heart even i its hard to say
I know that you're a great Dr,you can face all of that

fe aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

salam Dr

once a gain , u thought hard , and u seeing faces chanced frm the past, maybe because the times has passed that quick, and u did refresh ur brain.
freindship its gr8 when u both have the same dreams to share, and close to home,
then ur close friend moved a way, and the things u talked about start to fade a way, iam sure the respect still there , just life catched us all.
not worry u still have a friend ,just he start to think in a differnt way,
thanx for sharing it,

Benghazi Citizen said...

K.H: i believe the past is what shapens who we are today,a lot of people tell you that they can forget about the past ,but i don't believe that is possible..you can cope with it ,but u can't forget about it..Thank you very much.
enlightened spirit:Beutiful words really by alison smit.i loved them..I hope the good memories outweigh the bad ones my friend..I hope that we will get the power to chase our demons away..Be well my friend..regards and thank you.
lovelyh:thank you very much..glad you feel that these words are good..My best wishes.
crowded mind:Well,you inflate my ego by the nice supporting words...i like that,,lol..
seriously,thank you..Some times we ruin so many chances to do the right thing ,and when we finally get to our senses ,we find out that it is really too late...luck favours the prepared mind(a phrase i picked from some silly action movie ,but it kinda of stuck in my head) ,so,we miss a lot by not preparing our selves to change..
thank you..
-----------------------------------D.T.D:Thank you ..I think you are right,,life takes us to different directions and we are supposed to cope with that..but we are only humans..some times we can't understand the change...that's all..
You wish if there was a PAUSE button ,just to keep the moment..unfortunately we don't have...
See you all
till next time

UT said...

I am so touched ........

This is what keeps me going and has become my motto. I hope it will be of value to you. You are a nice and decent person that's why you get hurt. I know exactly what you're talking about. I wish you well.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.

May Allah bless and protect you always.

Benghazi Citizen said...

UT: Thank you very much..your kind words mean a lot..And i say :Amen...Thank you vey much one more time..
Benghazi Citizen