Friday, February 22, 2008


Is's February 22ndز
And no ,It's not my birth day ,,but i like the date..

I didn't feel like writing lately..

Except that it's February 22nd..

It's just a


Benghazi Citizen


Crowded Mind said...
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Lollwa said...

Happy birthday..... Nice number

Benghazi Citizen said...

I'm afraid that i will disppoint you,,BUT IT IS NOT MY BIRTH DAY...
But it is not
It is just a day i like..that's all..
in case u wander,,i as born on July 23
Thank you for the wishes though
i liked them

Anonymous said...

Doc, Doc, DOC! What am I to do with you?????? Guess what???? I like to squish my toes in the mud after a rain storm! We all need "just becauses" in life! Why? well, JUST BECAUSE! I think its ZEN like???? Not really sure, but Happy Feburary 22ND! Enjoy it for all its worth! YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! K.H.

Crowded Mind said...

I'm laughing
I don't know why I couldnt see NOT I just saw that word BIRTH and immediatly I clicked add comment
anyway I'll drop it..happy 22nd for you are you oki now and happy new Feb and happy birthday (kidding)

fe aman Allah

Benghazi Citizen said...

KH:as usual,u make me smile..Well,,good to know that you like to squish ur toes in mud..Well,,i can give you some medical advice about that,,but i don't have any..So just enjoy
And yes,,i think we all need some (Just because) with no specific reasons...It's fun not to have reasons some times..
Crowded mind:Come on ,,i do appreciate the idea...It's really nice....
Thank you my dear friend..For the wishes and all..

Lollwa said...

عليك فضيحة ... ربي يسامحك يا ميوت ... على كل حال ان شاء الله كل يوم وسنة وانت طيب سواء عيد او غير ذلك .... أعتذر اخي على قلة الاستيعاب وعدم الانتباه ...

MusicLover said...

George Frideric Handel - The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

No comment but hope you enjoy classic music

enlightened spirit said...

I rather prefer 23 of any month , but for a reason, in the last few years, just in the last few years good things happen to me in this date, don't know why but it happens.

don't stay long in this mood, we enjoy ur writing my friend.

DaMoon said...

LOL lazy doc, well, it's a cute date I have to say, it happens to be my auntie's bday...
cheer up

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen,
Well my friend I have a feeling you like that date a lot because I could feel it all the way over here on the 22nd. Until this year (and not having read your post) for some reason 2/22 really stood out to me. :-) I agree - nothing particularly special about the day other that perhaps the number sequence.

Benghazi Citizen said...

lollwa:It's ok,,,actually i do thank you for your nice wishes and all..I know that my blog is quite confusing,so i guess i am the one who needs to apologize..
Music lover:I do like classic music..I listen to some pieces occasionally..some of them i find really relaxing,,Thanks.
Enlightened spirit:Well,,i guess i'm lucky then...My birth day is July the 23rd....Your lucky number...I pray that all days are full of happiness and good things..
damoon:Tell her my best wishes for her birth day..And yeah,,i feel like really lazy lately...At the moment i feel really sleepy:)lol..
thank you.
ibeebarbie:you are right ...perhapse i like the sequence,who knows..I wish you luck every day of the year my good friend.
Best regards to all of you dear friends,,,

UT said...

Hi BC!
There must be something about the number that clicked..... hmmmm I wonder

We all have our days, but I've tried and continue to combat my depression by blogging as much as possible. As for the days ,they are all the same to me ,
eg: A bad is a bad day, and a good day is a bad day waiting to happen !
When you accept this ,I believe you can accept anything that comes your way. I only hope that good things come your way my dear son.
May Allah bless you.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Dr BC
to write and say feb is the month of 2 and its friday happening on the 22 of the 4th week of the month, but if u see the previous month the 4 th week fall in 25 th of the month and the next month in the 26 th both friday .hope it did bring u a haappy day on the 22 .keep confusing us pls ha ha take care

Benghazi Citizen said...

UT:Thank you very much...The problem is,,we try so hard to do the right thing ..Then we find out it is not working ,then we try again ,and we find out that it back fires on us...So we stop trying..I'm afraid i will stop trying soon..
I hope all days will become better for all .
D.T.D:It is nice to know that my efforts to confuse you is enjoy that to tell the truth..
well,a touch of craziness is what we need some times..
Regards my friend
Thank you
Benghazi Citizen