Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The MCQ Libyan board of Medical specialties Entery Exam (on February 25th) had a really interesting wish for the candidates at the bottom of the last page…Instead of the usual (Good Luck) there was a good surprising (Good Lock)..
If you think of it a little bit ,it’s funny…After all,(Locking) our brains during any examination is quite common thing ,but wishing that,,well,,I couldn’t help smiling….
I know it’s a mistyping error…But it is a hilarious one ,and convenient ,we can’t deny that…
Well ,Just thought of sharing this with you dear friends..
Benghazi Citizen.


enlightened spirit said...

I couldn't help laughing, yes it was a typing mistake but it really true, Libyan board Exam are experts in locking and blocking brains by every means.

was u one of the candidates?

Anglo-Libyan said...

lol @ you and enlightened spirit comment :o)

Gheriani said...

Welcome to the International Fear Ground of Tripoli, meaning Tripoli International Fair!

Benghazi Citizen said...

enlightened spirit:big YES..they are quite experts in doing that...i liked the phrase(locking and blocking our brains)lol...
I don't know where from do they get their (space ) MCQs(that's what we call them here)lol..
see you..
Anglo-libyan:it is really funny...But yo can't imagine how true...Libyan board exams are a real torturing..lol....
Thank you dear friend..
gheriani:i couldn't help smiling..
The international FEARground????
was it the writer's sub-conscious writing???lol
Thank you very much and see you soon
Best regards to all
Benghazi Citizen

Crowded Mind said...

I hate MCQs
made me remember the bad days !!

fe aman Allah