Thursday, December 11, 2008

A.D.M.I.N.I.S.T.R.A.T.I.O.N : The Headache!

First of all: Happy Eid every one..I hope that you had great times during Eid El.Adha.
It's been a while..Two months or so since i posted for the last time ,and I think ,as our friend (enlightened spirit) had asked ,I have to up date..
2 months ago ,a dear friend and colleague filed a rquest for a long vacation. He has an administrative post as the (Manager of Medical Affairs) ,a fancy name for (ok ,now you are trapped)...
Generally ,this position is held by a doctor.and of course it is a job that some body has to do ,but generally most doctors ,at least those i know ,are trying to avoid it ,and i am no eception.
My dear friend ,Dr.Z assigned me (temporarily) in his place.. I tried to apologize ,but he was insistant..Besides the man is very good that it is really difficult to keep saying no..
Since then ,i've been over whelmed with a great amount of work ,besides my regular job as a physician..
In case you wander :what an M.M.A does ,here is a short explaination: He has to set the mornings ,evenings and nights shifts schedule ,deal and coordinate work among different departments ,hear ,investigate and deal with different complaints from the public and the medical body employees ,work on providing medical supplies and make sure not to run out of them...etc..
So ,i practically find my self burried under tons of paper work , trying to avoid our ever-unsatisfied-director-general ,and to convince every body that his/her problem is in top of my priorities just to keep them out of my head...
I do hate bureacracy ,but yet i find my self a part of its endless chain ..
It is an interesting experience that i hope will be finished really soon..I spend most of my so-called (free time) trying to get done with so many issues at work ,trying to push the slow wheel of bureacracy just to find my self stuck in it my self...
It's been a very long couple of months ,and it seems that they won't end any time soon..
Till next time
Best regards