Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not a bit wiser!!!

It was my birth day few days ago...

A new milestone..

Three decades on planet Earth ,good to know i actually survived this long.

No ,i didn' expect the world to stop revolving ,and sure enough i didn't expect to see the news on the 6 o'clock news..Actually ,i spent my day and night at work,the usual fun night shift..

Looking back into my life ,i realize that i had so many things to think about ,except for my birth ,which i really had no thing to do with ,if you have any objecions ,call my parents..

Seriously ,I start to think about every thing ..

I went through interesting stages..And what strikes more was the fact that i'm actually still evolving...into what?i really don't know!!!!

I was the quite kid ,whose every boy in the class hated because he was the teacher's favorite...

I was the boy scout who loved he nature ,but didn't like to mix with others a lot..

I also was the boy who likes to read about dinasaurs ,and dream about being an astronaut..

I survived my teen age years with few ,or non ,acne scars ,and thank God ,there was no smoking or drugs issues during that...

I was even an idealist for a while ,and that was really stressing ,so i gave up idealism and became more practical ,but in a good way(I hope!)...

I had my share of the heart breaks .

I had my dreams ,my night mares ,my demons..

I had people i loved ,and ohers i hated..

After three decades ,i realized that i'm very much the same..and not the same a all..

I realized that there is a difference between what i am ,and what i want to be ,but i am the result of both..

I have great friends ,whose support and encourgement helped me hrough the darkest moments ,even though they lead their lives thousands of miles away.

But above i all ,I have a great Mother ,whose devotion and love was the real light house ,that guided me through it all

Whose smile and care is like no thing else..

So ,did i talk too much about some thing that only matters to me?? well,,it is really not my fault..

You know me well enough by now to realize that i am not that quite kid any more...Perhapse it is jus that i like the voice of my own thoughts..

So,what else did i realize on my birh day??

I realized that i'm still making the same mistakes ,saying the same things ,having the same dreams
I realized that now i am one year older..

and not a bit wiser..

Till next time..

My best regards

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

يوم نذكره

اليوم مختلف على مستوى الأمة

اليوم حدث تغيير في ايقاع الأحداث

على سبيل التغيير,لم يكن هناك حديث عن المعتاد من الأمور

تحدث الجميع اليوم عن صفقة تبادل الأسري و الشهداء ,فيما اعتبره المراقبون من جميع الأطراف المناصرة و المعادية خبرا ذو أبعاد تكاد تكون درامية بامتياز

لا يمكن لأحد انكار حجم الحدث و أهميته

المشاهد التي بثتها مختلف القنوات ذكرتني بما كنت أقرؤه عن الزمن الذي كانت فيه القضية هي مايهم ,قبل أن تقبل علينا الأيام السعيدة التي بات فيها انتماؤك الديني أو السياسي هو ما يحدد أهليتك للمناصرة من عدمها

لن أقوم هنا بعرض وجهات نظري السياسية الخاصة ,و لا انطباعاتي الشخصية على الأحداث اليوم, فقد غطى كل المحللين و المتحدثين على الشاشات كل زاوية ممكنة

و لن أدخل في تفاصيل معتقدات و دوافع و نيات ساءت أو حسنت

ما دفعني للكتابة هو ملاحظة لم أستطع الا مشاركتكم اياها

فمن الناحية الاعلامية البحتة,ما حدث اليوم هو خبر اعلامي من الطراز الأول ذو أبعاد سياسية و أمنية و حتى عسكرية بالغة العمق و الحساسية ,قامت القنوات الاخبارية و غير الاخبارية بالحديث عنه ,و نقله ,و تحليله..منها قنوات عربية كالجزيرة مثلا ,أو قنوات غربية كقناة سي ان ان الاخبارية ,لأن الخبر مهم ,و لأنه يستحق أن ينشر بغض النظر عن وجهة النظرالتي تمثلها هذه القناة أو تلك

لكن الدهشة لازمتني عندما رأيت قناة العربية تهمل تماما التعليق على الخبر أو نقل صوره الحية ,و هو ما رسخ لدي الانطباع الذي كونته سابقا بعدم حياديتها في نقل الأخبار, و أنها تعكس فكرا و توجها طغى على حرفيتها بحيث لم تحاول حتى أن تدعي غير ذلك.اكتفت فقط بذكر الخبر في نشرات أخبارهاوموقعها الالكتروني ,و بمقارنة حماستها السابقة في نقل بعض الأخبار و الأحداث الأمنية في لبنان ,حتى و ان لم تكن ذات عمق كبير,يمكن لكل ذي تفكير منطقي أن يرى الفقدان التام لأي حيادية ,بما انعكس على مصداقية و حرفية القناة

حسنا,أردت فقط مشاركتكم ملاحظاتي

حتى المرة المقبلة

الى اللقاء

Benghazi Citizen

Friday, July 4, 2008

Khalid ,that can't be right!!

One of my favorite routines is to check on different libyan bloggers ..I think i'm doin g that to feel linked some how..And I'm not exposing a secret if i say that Khalid's blog is my favorite..

He has a lot to say ,and an interesting way saying what he wants to say..

Some of his posts were controversial .Some were provokative. I even disgreed with some of his opinions and points of view ,but i think that what i liked about them,that you actually find some body who you disgree with and actually you can discuss with him..

Some ,unfairly ,attacked him ..Some supported him ....But all were intereted in what he wrote..

So you can imagine my surprise this morning ,when i started my checking blogs routine ,that instead of reading the interesting interview with khadija teri ,there was a notice telling us that he has to leave ,and he is deleting all his accounts..Apparently our dear friend Khalid wants to leave no track for him self..

Khalid ,this can't be the right thing to do it..

Leaving this way?erasing your tracks from the sphere?

Few weeks ago you told me ,in one of your comments ,that you can't imagine your self silent. And that you will always have some thing to say.. No you disappointed me my friend..

All of you dear bloggers ,those who care ,those who likes khalid's blog and those who hated it because it made them think ,consider this a petition to ask Khalid to cancel this strange and un-accepted decision of leaving our virtual community..

Khalid ,think again....

Best Regards