Friday, July 4, 2008

Khalid ,that can't be right!!

One of my favorite routines is to check on different libyan bloggers ..I think i'm doin g that to feel linked some how..And I'm not exposing a secret if i say that Khalid's blog is my favorite..

He has a lot to say ,and an interesting way saying what he wants to say..

Some of his posts were controversial .Some were provokative. I even disgreed with some of his opinions and points of view ,but i think that what i liked about them,that you actually find some body who you disgree with and actually you can discuss with him..

Some ,unfairly ,attacked him ..Some supported him ....But all were intereted in what he wrote..

So you can imagine my surprise this morning ,when i started my checking blogs routine ,that instead of reading the interesting interview with khadija teri ,there was a notice telling us that he has to leave ,and he is deleting all his accounts..Apparently our dear friend Khalid wants to leave no track for him self..

Khalid ,this can't be the right thing to do it..

Leaving this way?erasing your tracks from the sphere?

Few weeks ago you told me ,in one of your comments ,that you can't imagine your self silent. And that you will always have some thing to say.. No you disappointed me my friend..

All of you dear bloggers ,those who care ,those who likes khalid's blog and those who hated it because it made them think ,consider this a petition to ask Khalid to cancel this strange and un-accepted decision of leaving our virtual community..

Khalid ,think again....

Best Regards


enlightened spirit said...

I add my voice to urs dear friend, I was also surprised today's morning.

I always enjoyed reading khalid's posts, with all it's controversy, his blog is one of my favourite too.

Khalid there r ppl here talking, try to listen to them, don't u think that, they might be right.

ASMA said...

yes plz ...think again jorni u dont know how i got shocked when i see ur blog off
i dont know why u take this decicion but whatever the cuze i think as u know h we love ur posts &thats enough t let u think again ....plz think

Khalid Jorni said...

What can I say? I'm flattered, I don't think I deserve any praise, if my blog had any publicity that would be because of you and our friends, who visited, commented, and linked to it…

I would like to clarify that my departure has nothing to do with any attacks, it has to do with my selfishness maybe. Each time, over the last few months, I accessed the net to do a task related to my studying I ended up preparing for a post, or replying to a comment, so I had to get rid of it and have peace again.

Benghazi Citizen, I am not saying this to respond to your compliment, but it is the truth: you and I and everyone else know, for fact, that you are the bravest guy in the Libyan blogosphere, you criticize from inside the country, and that is beyond comparison, I thank you for being who you are, and for sharing that with us.

Crowded Mind said...

Its really sad to hear that Khalid was and still one of the best Libyan blogosphere for me and for my family too
Baba used to read his blog

ensha Allah you'll be between us again soon and to don't disappear
fe aman Allah

WEDA said...

salam really i felt so sad 4 leaving ur blog.......plz b bak i loved ur blog alot even b4 i've never noticed that u know my blog but just now i knew that u know me....any way plz b back young libyan bloggers need ur thoughts

Anonymous said...

its really a big loss if he stops writing :(

Anonymous said...

I concluded the following assumptions about Khalid’s closing down of his blog page:
 He had enough of it and wants some peace and quite.
 It served its purpose and he achieved his quest.
 Had a clip on the ear by the authority for his some distasteful posts.
 Decided to concentrate on his many other alias blogs

*The Saharan Sherlock Holmes*

Benghazi Citizen said...

enlightened spirit ,asma,crowded mind ,weda ,and first anonymous:It is really a big loss ..Khalid and his clever ,chalanging and even provacative blogs will be missed ..i add my voice to yours.
second anonymoous:interesting analysis..well,,any way,khalid himself was kind enough to explain his reasons to us in his posted comment on this i think we should take his word for it..don't you think??? well,,i certainly hope that the authority has no thing to do with it any way...
As for you khaled,i can't argue with your reasons...after all,if blogging has a negative effect on your performance in your study ,i believe you don't have even to think about your priorities..they are clear...
I know this much...i enjoy reading your blogs ,and i do like them ,and even i do hate some of them..and that is even better..becaus ewhat you hate does matter..right??
You have other matters to attend..and other issues to deal with...And i certainly pray that God will take your hand through all the on coming steps of your life jurney..and that you will be granted what you are looking for...
About what you think of me..I'm really flkuttered ,but i really don't think that is true..i mean,well,,brave????i don't think so..i'm not coward ,but i am not a very brave too..i'm just saying what comes to my mind ,and i try to be honest about it.
to tell the truth ,your words helped my ego big time...
Thank you again..
and please khalid,don't be a starnger..