Sunday, February 22, 2009

222 ,One year later!

A year ago ,I wrote about this day ,February the 22nd..

I didn't say much about it..

After all ,for most of us it is just a day.

But let's stop for a minute and start reflecting on that: Is it just another day? What does make it different from the other 364 days? and the 1/4 day?

Actually if you think about it a little ,every one of us had some thing that made all the difference on every day of the year through out the years ,but not all days get stuck in your cortex ,as it happens with me on this particular day..

You may ask: so ,B.C ,enlight us.What happened on this day?

I think I'd smile ,shrug ,and then say: No thing in particular ,but may be every thing..

And it is true ,no thing in particular happens on this day. But it seems that a lot of important events in my life evoloved around it... As silly as it sounds ,but some how true..

The problem is ,(222) kinda stand out in my memory.. I can't remeber what happened on 29 ,5 for example( God ,I wish it is not some body's i know birth day)..

When i started to think about it more (philosiphically) ,i realized that a lot of things happened on this day..

People were born..

Others died..

Some fell in love ,

and others out of it..

Some got married..

Others got divorced(Mostly for no good reason)

Nations were born ..

empires crampled..

a baby cried..

a lover sighed..

man of God worshipped..

The emust some thing..

So next year when i remind you of this day ,if i remind you of this day...Just don't say :What? AGAIN??

I'm a man of habbits ,and this habbit is not the worse of them..

My best regards.

Till next time