Sunday, February 22, 2009

222 ,One year later!

A year ago ,I wrote about this day ,February the 22nd..

I didn't say much about it..

After all ,for most of us it is just a day.

But let's stop for a minute and start reflecting on that: Is it just another day? What does make it different from the other 364 days? and the 1/4 day?

Actually if you think about it a little ,every one of us had some thing that made all the difference on every day of the year through out the years ,but not all days get stuck in your cortex ,as it happens with me on this particular day..

You may ask: so ,B.C ,enlight us.What happened on this day?

I think I'd smile ,shrug ,and then say: No thing in particular ,but may be every thing..

And it is true ,no thing in particular happens on this day. But it seems that a lot of important events in my life evoloved around it... As silly as it sounds ,but some how true..

The problem is ,(222) kinda stand out in my memory.. I can't remeber what happened on 29 ,5 for example( God ,I wish it is not some body's i know birth day)..

When i started to think about it more (philosiphically) ,i realized that a lot of things happened on this day..

People were born..

Others died..

Some fell in love ,

and others out of it..

Some got married..

Others got divorced(Mostly for no good reason)

Nations were born ..

empires crampled..

a baby cried..

a lover sighed..

man of God worshipped..

The emust some thing..

So next year when i remind you of this day ,if i remind you of this day...Just don't say :What? AGAIN??

I'm a man of habbits ,and this habbit is not the worse of them..

My best regards.

Till next time


dr.butterfly said...

hi there b/c!!
it's nice to see a post from you.. hope everything is going well with you..!!

i didn't really get wat you were trying to say... i mean you didn't mention wat was soo importent about this date..?!?!

i do understand the fact that some dates stay in your head for ever, for any particular reason .. i do get that sometimes you remember a date even if nother very importenet to you happend on it (maybe just for the fact that you like the number)... i know that every date there is something imortenet to someone somewhere (we may not know about!...) and that's wat makes every day a special day to someone (even if it's not us!)

...i like the idea of pausing for a min or two to think of wat could be happening to someone (you know or don't know) at ths very min.... wat could be the worse day of your life, could be the best day of someone elses..! (you never know)

....did i get wat you were trying to say, or am i just talking..hehehe.. anyways... watever this date means to you, or even if it has no special significance... i hope some day it has the best meaning to you and it beomes the best day of your life..!!

as weird as it may sound to others, i do have a thing for dates and numbers too.... i always thought it was due to the fact that i was born on a special day (maybe..hehehe)... 6/6...and that the number 6 is with me always..i know i sound crazy now...!!
oh well......!

take care... wish you all the best..!


Enlightened Spirit said...

My dear friend:
Let me add to ur philosophical list of things which happen on 222, (and plz remember this next year, and the years that follows). In this particular day of Feb.22nd each year, the writing spirit of Mr. Benghazi Citizen revives, and drags his body from the dead pile of blogs, to gleam his page with a glistening words of wisdom.
And guess who the winner is? thankfully we as readers are the lucky ones.

Enlightened Spirit said...

thanks Allah the administrative stuff didn't ruin you yet. Be carefull my friend :)

Be well.

WEDA said...

salam hw r u dear friend i wish well ,it's a long time since i saw u last time i hope u r well , really i've the same rush too i do belive in some dates & i hate others , as i love 12 number specially in olral exams & on the other side i hate 7 i fell that all my bad luck happens when i 'm 7.........but 22/2 is a nice date too....i'll try to belive in like u do

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen,

Once again the processing of your brain makes me smile.

I also second the words of Enlightened Spirit. ;-)

Benghazi Citizen said...

dr.butterfly: (i do understand the fact that some dates stay in your head for ever, for any particular reason .. -------------> and that's wat makes every day a special day to someone (even if it's not us!))
Dear friend: you got my point exactly...You put in few words what took me many lines to explain...
It's a date..
and as other dates ,it matters...right?:)
and oh ,you were born on 6/6..that's a special number..and it's my mother's birth day ,can u believe it??
so i definitly like the number..
enlightened spirit: (the writing spirit of Mr. Benghazi Citizen revives, and drags his body from the dead pile of blogs,)
I couldn't help smiling...and believe me ,lately smiling became a really difficult task.
your nice words are always spirit lifting dear friend.
about administration: it ruined my mood ,messed with my temper ,drove me crazy..but i hope it didn't corrupt the soul..That would be good..
Thank you again..
Weda: how are u dear friend? yeah ,it's been a while..sorry ,i got really busy at many things are going know
You hate 7?? lot's of people consider it a alucky number ,,,some even believe it has mystic powers ,and some consider it even devine...well,,it seems the number didnt get lucky with you...right??
best regards to u and ur family..
ibeebarbie: Thank you ,i guess!! lol..well, some times i think my brain wires are all messed ,u is a little (messed up)
Thank you dear friend.
Dear friends ,i wish you all good times..
thank you for keeping in touch..i missed u all
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Hello Doctor, It has been such a long time since we have chatted. I do so enjoy your snippetts of wisdom! I just have one thing to say about the past. It is just that. The past. Its not showing its face again, tomorrow hasn't happened yet, so live for today! As unlucky as most think, the number 13 has always been pretty good to me. Well, I guess I have added my ramblings, hope to see a note soon from you! Hey, spring will be popping up soon not only here but in the NORTH as well! Hope all is well for you and your family, Mitchell gives big hugs and wet kisses to you! Hehehehe, K.H

Benghazi Citizen said...

K.H: Hello there..yeah ,it's been a awhile..But it is really getting busy around ,work ,and more work..
Well,,u r right about the past..But who are we with out our past? Today is a direct result of what happened yesterday ,as tomorrow will be the out come of today.. You can't separate them as they are attached as an endless chain..
Still tons of papers before my spring dawn ,lol...
Well,say hi to Mitchell..Hope he's still doing what he suppose to do ,sniffing ,parking ,licking ,and less
Best regards
See u\