Friday, May 16, 2008

I'll be back (And to wise guys :no ,I'm not The Terminator)

Hello every one

At last I'm done with my exams. I went all the wayt to Toronto for that .I spent an extremely busy few weeks.I didn't get the chance to see much of the amazing city ,but it was a wonderful few weeks, with all my friends-those who lives in Toronto and those who lives abroad-to encourage me to go through this new experience.

I loved the place and I loved the people..

It's funny how in a multicultural city- like Toronto -you don't feel like an outsider ,because -more or less- every body else is. You take your ride in the subway train and you hear a hundred tongue with a hundred languages. You see all colors of the diverse nature of this beutiful city.

Of course i didn't have much time to consider this ,because I was busy ,and because i have to go back home once i'm done.

Well,,I will be back to dear old Libya,telling my family how much i missed them ,waiting for my results and going to work. . I have still few battles to fight ,and many miles to cross.. So wish me luck dear friends.

My best regards