Friday, May 16, 2008

I'll be back (And to wise guys :no ,I'm not The Terminator)

Hello every one

At last I'm done with my exams. I went all the wayt to Toronto for that .I spent an extremely busy few weeks.I didn't get the chance to see much of the amazing city ,but it was a wonderful few weeks, with all my friends-those who lives in Toronto and those who lives abroad-to encourage me to go through this new experience.

I loved the place and I loved the people..

It's funny how in a multicultural city- like Toronto -you don't feel like an outsider ,because -more or less- every body else is. You take your ride in the subway train and you hear a hundred tongue with a hundred languages. You see all colors of the diverse nature of this beutiful city.

Of course i didn't have much time to consider this ,because I was busy ,and because i have to go back home once i'm done.

Well,,I will be back to dear old Libya,telling my family how much i missed them ,waiting for my results and going to work. . I have still few battles to fight ,and many miles to cross.. So wish me luck dear friends.

My best regards


ASMA said...

wellcome back dr i hpoe u do well and i wish the best 4 u ...salam

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen,
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so close to U.S. aka ibeebarbie and yet so far. You silly--how come you didn't mention coming this way? I hope you did well on your exams, inshallah. Moreover, hope you made it home safely, inshallah.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Asma:Thank you for the wishes and the nice words..Best regards.

ibeebarbie: SORRY,lol
I was overwhelmed and it just didn't occur to me..Thank you for your wishes.I appreciate that, and yes ,i got home safely after 18 hours in planes and airports,lol..thank you again..
Best wishes

Anglo-Libyan said...

Alhamdulellah for arriving safely
best wishes again for the exams.

dusk till dawn said...

salam BC
hope all went well and the hard work will pay off, pleased u got home safe and sound after along changingh flights

Benghazi Citizen said...

anglo-libyan: Thank you dear friend. I pray that u and ur family are doing great...

D.T.D:I hope that too,,,i was a crazy weeks..I got home safe ,and i particularly enjoyed the (warm) reception i had in Tripoli airport,lol..

Khalid said...

How did I miss this one?!? Alhamdulla 3a assalama, dear BC, I wish you all the best with your upcoming exam results!!

Benghazi Citizen said...

Dear Khalid: Never mind..It's been ages since i wrote a decent thing ,so you are very much excused... I just hope that this is not a sign that i'm being forgetten,,,lol..
Thank you for the nice wishes..The clock is ticking and the moment of truth is aproaching..

Crowded Mind said...

Alhamdulla 3al asalama again

fe aman Allah

Benghazi Citizen said...

thank you ,crowded mind....See you soon again...
Best Regards

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

good lick my friend keep the your spirit high I am sure that you will reach your goals. take care


Benghazi Citizen said...

Thank you Ghazi... I'll do my best to achieve just that....
Best Regards

enlightened spirit said...

dear friend work out some time, out of ur heavy on calls, and update us, or post us soething.






Crowded Mind said...

yeah you should post some thing

fe aman Allah