Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Museum..

I spent a few weeks in Toronto.. Unfortunately ,I didn't get the chance to see much of the city because i was busy studying and preparing for my killer exams..

When i was done with them ,I had only 5 days till the time of my Idecided to see as much as I could of the city..

On my list was the Royal Ontario Museum.. A magnifecent place at which i spent about 6 hours till the museum door were closed..

a little more than 3 hours were spent in a section of the museum that really fascinated me..

When i was a little kid,dinosaurs were a kind of an obsession to me.. I read a lot about them , watched many documentaries about them ,and i even tried to memorise some of their complicated latin names and i kept drawing them on my note books and every piece of blank paper i could lay hand on..
So i spent most of my time in the Dino-section..Looking at the bones of these extinct creature for the first time in my life ,and finding out I'm still in love with these huge reptiles (Of course that doesn't mean I would die happily by the sharp teeth of good old T-Rex ,i prefer them extinct rather than being a part of there food chain,lol)

These aresome pictures from that section...

(If you want to know more about there names ,check HERE)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were like alittle kid in a sweet shop...who got kicked out at closing time!!haha Dinosaurs are always bigger in real life than you imagine...and alot scarier!:-s
Hope your 'killer' exams went well!!

حنان شلبي said...


This is really WoOoW, am sure that my nephew 'll adore it, even me sara7a I liked it , u had the right to spend 6 hour watching it .

Am really happy 4 u ,cos u finally finishes ur exams ,I used to know this felling of happiness when i was a studen (allhamdo lellah am done )^_^


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen,
WOW--I'm not a dino fan; however, these pictures are quite impressive. Looks like a fantastic museum.

LoveLyH said...

الصور و تخيل لو كانوا مش صور وكنت موجود في قلب الحدث أو كنت عايش ف زمن الدينصورات راك متفطس تحت رجل واحد منهم ^_^

بعيد السوء طبعاً
المهم انك كملت امتحانات بخير
وربي يوفقك

WEDA said...

hi hw ru doing?????????????
i nevre thought that u r 4m that stuff of people dreamingg of i'm sure that u wished 2 live at that time.........really i've hights phobia so i hate all huge things.......i'm just joking........ they r so nice different DINO

Gheriani said...

I've been to a similar one in a natural history museum in the bad lands in the state of Alberta near Calgary, and it was really facinating. Canada must have been well populated when the dino ruled the earth.

Benghazi Citizen said...

amira:That exactly how i's been ages since i'd been excited about some thing ,and my day at the museum was definitly exciting...I wouldn't leave if i hadn't to...
Hanan:I like them ,simple and to know you share me my fascination....and your nephew as well:).
ibeebarbie:They are fantastic..It is just magical to think how these creatures were ruling the earth,and BAM ,they are extint in a heart beat ,..It is just very interesting;.
lovelyh:well,,believe me ,when i was a little kid i just imagined hundreds of scenarios of how things would be if these beasts were still alive...The out come was always it DID include being stepped over ,chewed ,and
Weda:how are you doing??how are exams??well,,i am one of those dreamers..But no ,i dont wish to be living back then,,,,I am really not interested in being a part of the food chain...
See you ,and thanks.
Gheriani: In the museum ,i found out that many speciments are from Alberta..I think alberta was the capital of the dino regimen....i wonder what creatures lived in the anciinet Libya???
Thank you ,see you soon;.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Dr BC
so pleased u had great times. and u at las u came face to face with ur dreams. even the times was so short.we all love differnt things in life, and trying to find the unknowing

Anglo-Libyan said...

fantastic pictures, there is a similar museum in London, the Natural History Museum with many dinosaurs, I do find them fasinating, thank you.

to think that some people do not believe that dinosaurs ever existed!!

ASMA said...

hay dr...what such anice please.. ur so lucky u can see this..
i wish that when u pass such acomplicated exams u go back t see every thing...good luck

Benghazi Citizen said...

DTD:thanks my friend..I think Man passion with the unknown and mysterious is as old as Adam and Eve..After all,,curiousity got them out of paradise..
Speaking of Eve ,,,Good luck with your marital plans..Post us..Congratulation..
Anglo-Libyan:They are fascinating..To know that such huge bests walked the earth 65 million years ago is some thing dazzling..
About those who doesn't believe ,well,what to say ,i petty them...Because they can't see further than the horizon.
Asma:Thank you ,,well,still miles to walk ,but i certainly pray to get the chance to see that's charming..
Good luck dear friend.

enlightened spirit said...

how fascinating, I definitely envy u for this visit :P

ur comment on my last post was on time even though u didn't mean it, doing things we hate just coz it has to go this way.

so! it was the candian evaluation exam... wish u the best in ur exam result.

abdullah SH said...

oh BC again r u bro !!!
wonderful pic ...
4 me i hve dinophobia hehehe ...
wish u enjoy there ...

Benghazi Citizen said...

Enlightened spirit: Hello there ,you were definitly missed.. Well,Glad that my comment came in time...
Good luck with your plans as well..
best regards
Abdullah:yeah ,it is wonderful.. Well,,about the dinophobia...Believe me ,every body has it..I mean ,come on ,we are talking about lizards that some has the height of 16 meters ,and even

Thank you for stopping by..