Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Little Adventure

Hello every body..
It's been a while ,I know
I got really busy with a lot of things going on with work ,study ,and
Although I'm late ,but happy Ramadan every body ,and Happy Eid..I wish you all enjoyed the holy season with your loved ones..
Those who follow my Blog ,know about my hobby of hiking ,and doing little adventures and expeditions every now and then..
Few months ago ,I visited Tobruk ,the home twon of my father..Visited the area only 4 times in my entire life ,but every time I find out a new thing..
Tobruk has an ancient ,rich history..It has a natural Sea Port that made it an important trading center through out history ,and it's position near the Egyptian borders gives its future many potentials.
Tbruk is also known for its role in World War II ,where it was the center of the attention of the fighting forces ,specially the German and the British .
I was lucky enough to visit Wadi El-Sahl ,or the Flat Valley ,which is located in the western entrance of the city..
The sides of the Valley has a lot to say about this war ,Trenches ,Tunnels ,Strong points .
I climbed down and walked through deep darkness ,with a small falsh light and my cell phone camera.
Some of the tunnels were flooded ,in others i sank ankle deep in thick layers of mud
But I made it through ,and took some amazing pictures..
No more to be said..
If you like to see more pictures ,you can vist THIS SITE ,which contains excellent pictures collected by General Suleiman Obeidi


All ways a Stranger said...

حلو المشوار ولو انك يبدو اخصرت الطريق ومشيت من الطريق الفوقية

عجبني توثيقك بالصور

Romana said...

Lovely pics BC :) quite a scary tunnel i tell you! What i find it irritating is how we don't care about preserving our own history. Those carvings on the walls inside the tunnels with memos and dates shouldn't be just left like that for them to age with those stones!!!

Glad you enjoyed your time! You guys get to do so much more than us; the extent of our trips to Libya are ones through the screens of our computers!

Benghazi Citizen said...

All Ways A Stranger\: المنظر من فوق جميل جدا و أكثر شمولية.. , مداخل الأنفاق المبينة موجودة فقط في أعلى جوانب الوادي...شكرا لك و أنا سعيد لأن الصور أعجبتك...تحياتي
---------------------------------Romana: It is scary.. To tell the truth I was concerned about snakes or scorpions. The tunnels are abonded for decades with rare visitors like my self...
It;s really irritating that most of us don't know what great events our history is rich with.. It's a shame that our government doesn't care about preserving our rich history and letting Libyans know about it.. It's as if they don't want us to know..
Thank you

Enlightened Spirit said...

I miss ur trips ...
I remember that the first post which attracted me to ur blog was about a similar trip in the green mountain area few years back.
Yes, we know nothing about our country. U are lucky to have the chance to discover it by urself!
Glad u still keeping this hobbie of going out to such adventures.
This means that u r still alive,
and u still keeping ur sanity solid.
Glad to see u back.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hello E.S: It's nice to be back ,i really miss blogging ..But you know ,things to ,miles to walk...sigh..
I enjoy walking in nature ,or ruins.. It's relaxing and it can be very fun if u managed to avoid falling in some well,or tripping on some
I'm trying to keep my sanity solid ,and this hobbie helps me do that..
Thank you dear friend..
and keep in touch
see u

dr.butterfly said...

hey there.. BC..!!
i do understand you business... that is why i myself am late in reading your post "which is good to see, knowing your doing fine"...!!

thnak you for this nice post that helps us understand our lands.. and the pictures were truly interesting!
to go down these tunnels yourself.. wooow, that is an adventure... glad to know you enjoyed it and that you came out alive... hehehehehe

once again, it was nice to hear from you..
take care,

Benghazi Citizen said...

hello Dr.Butterfly.
Thank you for stopping by.
I was really busy.
I actually was busy (restarting) my life ,before doping any (uploading)
I was busy moving to live in Canada for a while, so you understand .
Well,glad you liked the blog.
Be well

dr.butterfly said...

oh ..ok B.C...!!
i can understand... as long as your ok.. and doing fine!

i really wish you the best of luck in canada... and i hope you a nice new fresh start :)
inshaa allah raby yes7ilak!! where in canada are you, if you don't mind me asking?!

take care, and once you get settled down, please keep in touch... and let us updated...!