Monday, September 6, 2010

She....(Short story)


She said so loud ,her own voice in the empty room startled her..

She stared to her computer screen for another minute ,the sighed and stood up...

Looking down to her dog .He was ,as usual ,panting ,with his tongue out of his muzzle..He was looking at her with his brown ,adorable eyes...She felt calm instantly.

(You agree ,don't you) ,she told him

He barked once ,and wagged his tail enthisiatically,and took one step closer to her.

She smiled

(of course you agree ,because you are such a good boy ,aren't you?)

he barked again ,and stood on his hind legs for an instant..

She laughed .It was a genuine one..

(oooo ,I think some body wants a treat)

He kpt looking at her , she thought she saw sparkles in his eyes..She knew he understood her perfectly..and she smiled again..but this time her smile was sad..

(If people were this simple . A treat would fix everything) she told her self..

She shifted her eyes to her computer screen again.

This time her gaze was distant..She wasn't really looking at the screen.It seemed like she was looking at something beyond it..

Her dog looked at her for a second ,lowered his head and rested it on his paws ,still looking at her..

(only if....) , she whispered...

on the screen ,she wasn't seeing the words any more..

The reflections on the screen hypnotized her..

She saw flash backs from her life..

Her childhood and teen years .Her choices ,and her achievements..

Then her eyes fell on the words on the screen again ,and she sighed..

She tried ,this much she knew..She would take a chance if she could ..But she wasn't sure..

Her eyes ran over the lines again..This is stupid..

(you win) ,she whispered..

Then she looked down at her dog ,who looked back..

she smiled at him..

(I think he'd like you if he met you)

Her dog barked quitely..

Her smile widened

and she looked back to her screen..

Tomorrow is another day ,she thought..

And sighed again

The End


ktdidit! said...

Silly, Mitchell doesn't bark.......REMEMBER! Thank you, it was lovely and full of meaning. She is ready........... and HE would love him. However, so do others who do not itch at the mention of fur! Your on a roll...don't stop now! Kate

Benghazi Citizen said...

It is a short story .Mostly the fruit of my imagination... I can get away even if I wrote about a dog who flies while chewing his favorite Titanium bone..
I am glad you liked it

ibeebarbie said...

Bravo......I love it! Eid Mubarak! Blessing to you and your family.

elekomm - إليكــم said...

السلام عليكم

تقبل الله منا ومنكم الصيام والقيام وكل عام انتم بخير

Enlightened Spirit said...

You always end your posts with " Till next time"
Why u said "The end" after this post... it felt scary to me.

Don't make this the end, it is just the start and as u said on her wording, " Tomorrow is another day"

Be well my friend ...

Benghazi Citizen said...

ibeebarbie:Thank you very much.Gld you love it..And Eid Mubarak..sorry for late response.
Elekomm:thank you and id Mubarak
Enlightened Spirit: So you think I have to continue:)??? I am glad you like this ES..The End was meant to the nd of the story any way..:)..Thank you..Really...That was spirit lifting:)