Monday, September 27, 2010

I Love You... (Short story)

(Honey ,I'm home!)
He smiled to himself..(Honey ,I'm home)...It was a cleche'. Nevertheless,he kept saying it every time he entered home..
He put the keys near the door ,in the small pink basket on the table ,the one she bought him because(The only thing that will catch your attention and make you put the keys in the right place,is the color you hate the most)....He smiled again..As usual ,she was right.He hadn't misplaced his keys since she gave him that basket..
He walked in,looked at her face..
She was there in her usual place..With her usual little smile...He was jsut thinking of how much he loved that smile..
(Well,,I had great news ,dear)
she didnt answer..But he continued as if he didn't notice ,he was so excited..(You remember the promotion I told you about? Guess what? I got it...We have to celebrate)
He walked towards her looked into her eyes..then he touched her face with his hand..
(You believed in me ,You always did..Even when I doubted myself..You never did)
He looked at her face for awile..He knew she was happy.
He laughed a little.
(I know ,I kow..You told me so...You were right ,and I was wrong..Got it..No need to rub it in my face like that)...
He walked around the room..He felt her kind eyes following him..He was excited..
(Yes,we have to celebrate..Any plans ,dear?)
He looked at her ,frowned a little..
(What is that?)
He walked towards her..looked down at her face..
(oooo..I am sorry honey ,My bad..I made that smudge)
He took that piece of cotton cloth ,an start wiping the glass surface...
He looked at her face again..The last picture that was takn of her before she passed away few years ago...She died suddenly..He thought they had all the time in the world. He was wrong.
He looked at the face he loved..He still loves..
(You asked me once: will you love me for ever?...I never answered)
He looked into her eyes again
He whispered:
(I love you)


Omar Gheriani said...

Are we going to lose a good doctor and gaining a good writer? Hi Doc, my best wishes to you in NFL my friend.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hello Gheriani
Well,,Thank you very much
I am trying to explore if I have any future in
Thank you again..Alay a pleasure hvng you here:)
Regards to all

Lebeeya said...

This story gave me the goosebumps. Well written.

dr.butterfly said...

simple, brief and enjoyable....!

Benghazi Citizen said...

lebeeya: well,I consier that a great compliment:)
I am really pleased you think it isgood..and I m even more pleased that it gave yo goosebumps..That means it hitthe spot...god:)
Dr.butterfly: that reminds m of the reviews of the movies:)
I m rally glad yo think that
do you think i should quit medicie and strt riting??lol

Benghazi Citizen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dr.butterfly said...

reviewing your writing, i would be flattered to be put in that position :)

you are simply gifted, mashaa allah... and to tell you to quit medicine "i would sin!!" .. lol
you are a good writer and you didn't have to quit your practice, what if quitting would affect your writing?! ... ever thought of it like that!?
anyways, i am proud to know a great doctor as well as a great writer in one :)

loving your words...!!

S.H.B said...

i enjoyed it felt the love and pain in it .. nice writing keep it up :)

Benghazi Citizen said...

S.H.B: Thank you very much..Glad you enjoyed it...:)
See you