Friday, May 7, 2010

Curse of Butterfly: The Things We Do

Years ago ,I heard of some thing called (Chaos Theory) . Then ,I heard of (The Butterfly Effect),a part of the Chaos Theory, which describes the concept of: sensitive dependence on initial conditions. To put it as simple as possible ,it is about how apparently small ,insignificant events can lead to major changes in out comes..

I started reading about this and I became fascinated with the applications of this theory in different fields of science, and in our every day lives as well..

The simplest explaination of this theory was to imagine how a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmospher that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location.

Then I started to think more about it(as usual ,not a very good thing)

All these small events in our lives ,small things we thought were insignificant ,negligible ,and small..But yet ,it turned out that these (small things) were to define our lives..

It is being slightly late and missing a life defining appointment by 5 minutes..

It is chosing to go right instead of left..

It is the phone call you never understood its significancce till years later ,and till it was really late..

It is the (yes) you so desperately wanted to hear ,but wasn't meant to you..

And it is the (no) you had to say ,because it was the right thing to do ,and yet ,it was always the thing you regret..

It is the ability to love

and the inability to forgive..

It is the ambition.

The determination.
The unique and deep friendships

The care..

The passion..

The hate..

The fear..

It is the people around us with their small problems ,although their problems are the world for them..

It is every thing that we are that shapes our lives..It is not the major things..Not the big things..Not the great things that make what we are..It is the small things..

It is the butterfly effect..

Till next time (With hopes that next b log will not cause you to sleep on your keyboards)

Benghazi Citizen


[Lebeeya] said...

Great post!

I can relate to the butterfly effect in terms of who I am. It's the insignifidcant moments throughout my life that have altered and shaped me to the person I am today.

Keep posting! I really enjoy your thought provoking posts :-)

WEDA said...

i like it so much my friend fact i never hear about it b4 but really it was more thsn nice ........................alot of tiny events changed my whole life .........i iwsh u the best

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen,
Once again you have out done yourself. How you could ever possibly think any of us would sleep through your postings is unimaginable.

I love the simplified explanation of the Butterfly effect---so clear, concise and heartfelt....bravo!

Enlightened Spirit said...

Have u seen the movie?
The Butterfly effect. I think it was produced in 2003 or something around that. It pictured these effects very nicely through a sci-fi story.

My dear friend, u have this talent to put ur thoughts in a simple sentences. Simple in structure that makes the reader feels when he reads ur words as if he is strolling in an easy green colorful garden, but out of blue, he falls in a hole created by the deep meaning of those thoughts.

A flashback from "Alice in wonder land" ... lol

Don't keep this talent for urself it will fade if u do... keep entertaining us.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Lebeeya: Thank you for ur kind comment ,glad u relate to this post..
Be well..
Weeda:I agree ,the tiny things are what we are made of..They help defining our characters and eventually ,tells who we really are.
Thank you weeda
Ibeebarbie::)That was really good for my ego I'm glad you didnt sleep through it..Thank you very much for stopping by ,and I am really glad you find the post good..
Enlightened Spirit: I dont even know what to say..Thank you.. That was really encouraging..
And ,well,About the hole..sorry for that..That reminded me of your comment on the other Post( About a boy)..
Well,,some how ,i can relate to the time obsessed i dont guarantee a (Land of Wander)..
I heard of chaos theory for the first time in Jurassic Park movie ,and then i made my research..When I watched butterfly effect movie and found it really good..liked it very much..
It was good ,depressing end though.:)
Thank you dear friend

dr.butterfly said...

hello there B.C..!
sorry to tell you that the words you type out in your blog is not a bed time story that puts me to sleep. i think your words awaken people!
thank you for this delightful insight of life and the simple things around us.
if you have noticed in my blog "the very beginning post on it, i mention how i am soooo into butterflies, because i believe of how little things change big courses!! my belief however is that the butterfly has a short life, and yet it leaves behind such a tremendous effect on the place it touched before it flew off to somewhere else :)

i have noticed your interest in life and how there are things we have known and yet once someone else points it out to us, we are amazed by it... and for that i would advice you to read a book called "The secret"... if you haven't yet read it! i don't know, but i think you would truly enjoy it!
if you do?!... please let me know what you thought of it. and the idea it has applied :S

take care, and it was good to hear from you again!


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Benghazi Citizen said...

Yes ,life i about smal things..but it seems we forgat this..a thing as simple and delicat as a butterfly can change the courseof tim indeed..we all have our own butterflies...and hey keep changing the world around us..
I actualy have the book,but still ,hvnt strted reading it yet...I will ,and i will let you know
take care

dr.butterfly said...

.... :)
it's good to hear you have the book, hopefully soon i will hear you have finished it "although, i am not one to talk" i still haven't finished it, i guess i can understand the delay...hehe

take care