Sunday, December 30, 2007

Have You Made Your List?

In the eve of the new yea: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY BODY...When a year come to end ,we start-even subconsciously-to prepare a list about the events of the passing year ,and the things we wish to have next year..

Some of you may deny it:I don't do such a thing! But believe me ,some how we all do..

Some of us would say:The last year was the worst in my life.Some would say it was the happiest...Some would simply shrug their shoulders and smile...But we all make a list..

When we were children,we make a list of what our parents prevent us from doing because we were (little)and we make a list of what to do next year because we will be (bigger)

Teen agers would make a list of how many time they got their heart broken,how many times they felt love ,or got suppressed by the evil adults.

Adults would make a list of work achievements ,needs that were met and needs that weren't ,and what is the plans for the coming year to meet them..

The people fascination about making a list appears even strongly in the news and TV programs...They always present a list of all the major events over the last year ..

We are creatures of habit ,and one of our important habbits is making lists..

You ask me abou my list?

My list is like every body else's..

As we all do,at first i thought of all the bad things that happened...Then i reconsidered ,Actually,i had an interesting year,Not a very good one,i'm still struggling to put my foot on my destined road(still have no idea where will this road will take me),i had to make difficult chices,very difficult actually i'm still trying to cope with..But i had to..

In that sense my year would sound really bad,specially we have this tendency only to remember the bad things..But indeed there is a lot of good things...

Although most of my closest friends had left the country,and they are starting new lives thousands of miles away,i've never felt so blessed and thankful for having them..Their support and friendship was evident and strong..Perhapse i don't see them any more ,except when they come in their rare vacations,but they are here,if you understand what i mean...

I also had the good trip to Dubai to remember.Yes i had to go there for an exam and all,but it was a good trip to remember,and a good experience to have..

I also earned the respect of my colleagues at work,this a good thing considering the work environment we have here..

Yes ,i still have so many things to do,but i will always do..

Yes i made my BAD list ,but i also made my GOOD one too..

In the new year, I hope things will be better ,and i pray for my parents ,family ,friends and all the best of it..

I pray for the peace of mind,for the dreams to be fulfilled ,for the sins to be forgiven ...And for those haunting memories of difficult decisions we had to made to become acceptable by our restless souls..

For all ,Happy new year..

Bless you all


Benghazi Citizen


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen,
Bravo! Well done. Expressed so beautifully. May Allah bless you beyond your dreams in 2008.

Benghazi Citizen said...

ibeebarbie:Thank you for the nice words....Glad you liked the post..Thank you for the prayers.May Allah bless you and your little princess...
Best wishes
Benghazi Citizen

Maya said...

I liked this post
It has many things about our real life
enshaAllah your 2008 gonna be better and you gonna see your friends soon

fe aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

salam bro
that was a very gd post deep frm the heart,
i wish and pray all ur peaceful dreams will comes true,
wish u success in ur future, health in ur life and family.
wealth and fame ha ha .so u can own ur ice marina in benghazi
who knows maybe sooner then later u will fly the nest and join ur mates abroad if thats one of ur wishes for 2008,

take care Dr

3abtash said...

happy new year
out with the old in with the new
inshallah this year brings u all the happiness and joy
take care

Benghazi Citizen said...

Dear Maya ,DTD,3abtash:Thank you all for the nice wishes and prayers..I hope every body dreams ,wishes and prayers to be answered..
May Allah Almighty bless us all,where ever we come from..
Best regards and wishes
Benghazi Citizen

Lollwa said...

Happy new year for you

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

happy 2008 buddy, it is a great idea to make a list for the new year, hope that your dreams come true.. Ghazi

LoveLyH said...

Happy new year,all the best wishes to you and All your family in 2008.
I hope all your deams and wishes come true.

enlightened spirit said...

success, happiness, achievements, is my wish for u my friend , HAPPY NEW YEAR ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc! Nice new year thoughts, and in ENGLISH! Thank you! 2008 will be a good year, I just know it. BUT...... we leo's will not have such good luck with finances. I guess our year for fortune is....2009. Wouldn't you know it.....always a year late! Well doc, no new Boo Boo's to report! So its already a good year! Hope to here from you soon!

Anglo-Libyan said...

good luck, hope all goes well inshaAllah.
happy 2008 to you and the family

Gheriani said...

Beautiful post and memories are always alive when we have a future to look forward for. Wish you the best and may Allah make all your dreams come true. Sorry to be late, I was rather busy lately.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Lollowa,ghazi,lovelyh,enlightened spirit,K.H,anglo-libyan ,& gheriani:Thank you all.Glad you liked the post.Thank you for the prayers and the wishes..I hope the same for all of you..
Bless you all
Benghazi Citizen