Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Disturbing news...


I felt really sad when I read THIS NEWS...

I don't know why physicians are being targeted in Iraq...What is the point???

They are doing their job....Do this murderes want Iraq to go back to dark ages??

Does SOME BODY see his best intrest in depriving Iraq from basic needs and services???

This is really sad....

I feel sorry for the colleagues there...

I hope this wounded nation will rise from the ashes again...


Benghazi Citizen


3abtash said...

In time of war, everbody that is anybody is targeted. its a way of getting some kind of msg across.
this is very sad but true.
inshallah rabi yer7amna jamee3a'a
wa salam

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Benghazi Citizen,
Shameful. :-( My greatest desire in life is to understand humans,the most complex of creatures, and yet as the days pass by I'm sure I'm no closer to understanding than days before. My heart aches for such atrocities.

enlightened spirit said...

day after day I discover that this life is really unbearable ... sigh ... Allah be with his family and his patients.

انا لله وانا اليه لراجعون

Benghazi Citizen said...

3abtash:You ar right... children,men,women,old people are being killed on daily basis in the markets,in hospitals,on streets,for God sake in their own homes,it is ob vious that every body is a target.I feel sorry for the people there..I can't understand how hate can drive human being to lose his humanity....Resisting occupation is one thing...But murdering innocent people? That is not even human..
ibeebarbie:That makes 2 of us....What is it that motivate these people?how do justify their actions deep n side??do they sleep at night?? again,I' not talking about resitance...I'm talking hee about clear crimes against innocent civilians..
enlightened spirit:It is a shame really..I think the dream of world peace and harmony is now a very unrealistic dream,as long as greed,evil,power hunger have the upper hand in moving us in different direction..
Thank you all friends..

Anglo-Libyan said...

the whole Iraqi situation is one big tragedy, very sad indeed

LoveLyH said...

أمي تقول هادوا يبو يبيدوهم عن بكرة أبيهم

التاريخ مليء بقصص القتل والموت في العراق
أعدروني لعدم تذكري هل سيدنا الحسن ام سيدنا عثمان بن عفان رضي الله عنه هو من دعي علي أهل العراق
بأن لا تقام لهم قائمة بعد مافعلوه به

مش تقول تتشمت بس
وقت صار الاجتياح قلت أكرمهم قعدوا علي صدام..لانهم مش حايحصلوا الي يبوه
القتل كان في وجود صدام وهو نفسه بعد نهايته يعني ماصار شيء جديد
غير أنهم أقل شعور بالأمان أكثر من قبل

علي الأقل ايام صدام كانوا محافظين علي الثراث الثقافي والتاريخي والعقائدي القديم
ومحافظين علي حياتهم رغم الصعاب بس توا
لا الأمريكان قدرين يحموهو ولا يحموا نفسهم ولا الشرطة العراقية قادرة تحميهم و تحمي نفسها

النتيجة وحده عدم الإستقرار

ربي يمع قلوبهم وينصرهم علي فرق الفتن الموجودة بينهم ويوحد رايتهم

Gheriani said...

It's sad and looks like the times of Hulaco are back again. Another sad story from Iraq is the situation of the refugees, you can read about in Highlander's latest post:
Salam BC

Benghazi Citizen said...

anglo-libyan,lovlyh ,and gheriani:
Thank you all....The Iraqi situation is unprecedented in human kind history...Some tried to compare it with Germany's post WWII,some tried to call it civil war...The only incident that resembles what iraq is going through,is what Gheriani referred to when he talked about holaco..
The remblance is eery if u asked me.
May God save us all

dr.butterfly said...

hi there benghazi citizin..!
i really enjoyed checking your blog out, it had such intersting knowledg... nice!!
thank you for the comments you left on my blog, right now i'm a lill busy with things, but i'll be back with new updates, hope to see ur comments again!!

take care, and wish you all the best!