Monday, September 24, 2007

The libyan space....

I was bored, so I started playing around on my computer...I keep this picture since I like every thing about space...
I started to paint the flag,and I liked the idea of imagining a libyan to be the first on moon...
Sci-Fi indeed..


BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

I like that idea too, even if we know that this wont happened any time soon , and maybe never , but still , it is good to think about it or dream about it , Thanks for sharing, It was a good idea .

Romana said...

lol... just imagine... well we r imagining!

lil asaf 3andi e7sas ma3 this generation, all we can do is, imagine!

Anglo-Libyan said...

I could never like the green flag, I believe when a country gets its independence and a flag then its for life, no matter who roles the country, thank you for that anyway :o)

Gheriani said...

You know BC this could become posible in one way. Let me tell you this story first. In 1980, a rumor spread in Tripoli that if you looked up at the full moon you saw the painting of the head of a certain person wearing a military officer's cap. Part two of the story is that the full moon can show you most times the image that you have in your head, a thing I remember practicing ages ago in the mountains of Gahrian. Back to part one. When the rumor became a subject of gossib, I defintely remember some people swearing that they looked up at the full moon and saw what looked like a profile of this certain officer's face painted on the moon with silvery color. Such is the power of persuasion!
So, as you said it it's Sci Fi.
By the way, there's some Finish? retarded person hitting Libyan blogs by some filth of his retarded racist mind against the Prophet, my advice, if you had a visit by him in your comments just delete and ignore. Personally, I switched my comments, after his visit, to moderate, which makes me approve the comment before publishing.

Benghazi Citizen said...

besheshentra:That is all what left to us,to dream..right??if that was taken from us,then life is unworthy..and who knows,if the world has consumed it self in a world war III and nuclear weapons,our country will have a good chance then,assuming Libya will be the only survivor..
Thank u very much.
Roman: come on,have some faith in our lovely new generations..I was walking the streets today ,and some young fellow(not very young) threw a firecracker just 2 feet away and i was struck by some hot fragment in my arm,,,my faith tell me that young fellow will become a rockets scientist some day..Faith
Thank u very much
Anglo-libyan: i see what you mean.. the flag remains the symbol that represents no body but the land and the people...
Thank u very much
Gheriani:I remeber dreaming of the man in the moon in my childhood,he wasn't an officer in my dream..
Perhapse this is the only way a certain libyan can get there,by persuation..
About the finish guy..i found his comments 2 days ago,,i deleted it immediately and reacted exactly as u advised,,i ignored doesn't deserve replying coz that's exactly what he wants..and i hope we all ignor it..
Thank u very much..
Benghazi Citizen

dusk till dawn said...

it was gr8 idea libyan flag on the moon. but how can we get there?
its nice dream, it must be Ramadan imagination b4 Aftar, lol

Sho said...

the funny thinks that one time during ramadan I was listening to libyan radio FM, it was a religious program about fasting and so on, any way, there was a question that made me laugh for hours, a woman asked the shik, what should we do if we are on the moon and ramadan comes, how can we fast as we'll not be able to see the moon, believe me, I was laughing till I cried from laugh, may be you should ask this lady, it seems she's going there soon!!!!

Benghazi Citizen said...

dusk till dawn:Good question,how will we get there...I remember a joke about who will rule the world in the 21st century?it's us,,coz ec=very body else will be on
Sho:hey man,,u made me laugh..apparently that nice lady has a huge ambition...i really wanted to know how the sheikh responded.....My God,it's like she is moving to the moon in a month or so..
really funny..
Thank u
Benghazi Citizen