Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Desert Dream..

I spent last week in U.A.E(United Arab Emirates)..I've been to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai..The trip wasn't for tourism,but I tried to enjoy my free time their as much as I could..

Residents of Dubai call it the (Desert dream)...A dream indeed,,a beutiful one..

The city is young,perhapse 36 years old..But it gained a world wide reputation of being an oasis of modern and dynamic life style..

A story of success that you can't believe unless you see it your self..

You can see that the details are well taken care of...No thing to be left for luck.

You can see that every thing matters in this fast developing city ..

The global city...That what i like to call it...You can see people from all over the world..In the streets you hear arabic ,english, russian, german ,ordo ,italian ,turkish...every language you can think of,,every nationality....A global city indeed..

You can call it (The Workshop)..Where ever you go, you see some thing is being built ,dug , name it...

The city is diverse ,vivid ,and most of don't feel as a stranger,you can't have such feeling in this global city...You can meet all religions ,all colours ,all tastes and all differences in that oasis ...every body respects the others' space ,a thing that only the people whose privacy and individuality is always considered an un-necessary luxury can really appreciate..

This small city is a living proof what money,human will ,and organized administartion can achieve...Some thing you can call......The desert dream...simple and plane..


Benghazi Citizen


Anonymous said... have gone and came back????? The photos are fantastic! Hope to here all about it in a VERY long email, very soon! I am also wondering will a certian short person with a bubbly personality be driving to Canada soon???????

Anonymous said...

Oh, my Murphy (one of my babies) died yesterday afternoon. Its been a sad weekend around here! Hope to here form you soon.

Anonymous said...

oops! spelled that wrong.....FROM not form.....