Monday, May 14, 2007

Better days...

My grand mother died 15 year ago. We adored her. She was such a great woman.
She lived through world war two ,and she picked such an interesting habits.
She told us that during the war ,they had to be careful of shortage of supplies. Water, food, and medicine could be indeed a very precious staff during wars, and every effort must be done to assure that using them is on what-you-need-only-basis. No luxury.
So ,even after 50 years of the end of the war ,and although every thing had changed ,she couldn’t get rid of what become a part of her unique personality. I remember that she used to put all the interesting things (well, you know what I’m talking about: chocolate, sweets, soda) in a locked cupboard, and she was always hiding the keys.
Of course that didn’t stop us at all, we managed to get the keys every time and take some (unnoticeable) amounts. Of course we got busted every single time . Of course we always get what we want from my mother, but the things grandmother used to keep were always more interesting only because they were hard to get.
I remember her face, the smile, and the stories she used to tell us. She was different, she had what is considered a really good education in her generation, and she was really sharp and alert. She never missed a thing.
She was a source of unity in her family , she was the one everybody went to when anything went wrong. Her siblings and cousins used to ask her for advice in every matter. She had such a charming personality of which its presence was profound and obvious.
She was really strong and energetic. So in her last days we –being kid-couldn’t digest the idea of her staying on bed most of her time. To the last minute, she prayed that the moment she couldn’t stand on her feet would be the moment she no longer alive. Her prayers were answered.
She went through a lot, a real fighter. She managed to pull our family through so many obstacles .
I remember a phrase that she used to say all the time, when ever we faced any problem or suffered any distress ,she said( It’s ok ,BETTER DAYS ARE YET TO COME)
Thinking of that now makes me realize that what probably keep her going, that is hope.
She thought that tomorrow is what worth thinking of. The past and the present are only the high ways which get us there ,to the future.
A friend wrote in her blog about the way to happiness, quite an interesting article. I may add that the way to happiness starts and ends with hope. Hope for a better tomorrow is what makes the clock ticking. The moment we stop hoping is the moment we die, even if we kept walking around.
Grand mother knew that, and she tried to show us what it meant to have hope and faith.
I try to hold on that, things get ugly most of the time. I can’t recall the last time I really hoped for some thing and get it, but some how I kept on going. Hope? I like to think so, although I had my days of giving up hope. I guess she wouldn’t like that if she were alive.
I miss her so much. She used to tell me that she would be the happiest person if she was meant to see my graduation, but she died 13 years before it, but she was in my thoughts all the time.
I miss her so much. I hope she feels proud of us now, and I hope that her legacy will continue to touch our lives in the unique way she used to do.
Pray for her soul friends, and remember: better days are yet to come. At least we have to hope so.
Benghazi citizen


life's cycle said...

yes freind , better days are yet to come , we learn from the older people especially wise older people so much as ur grandmom , hope is in our way yes we just have to work on it even if it is so far away , but as much as u work on it as u get near to it every single day , ur grandmom lived in a hard time and she never gave up of hope and i know her grandson will do the same , it is very beautiful story my freind and i will pray for ur grandmom soul .
and keep going and not ever give up hope and i am sure she is so proud of ou right now .
thank you for this beautiful post .

Gheriani said...

True our grandmothers and for me, my mother's generation as well, God bless their souls, lived absolutely hard times but like your grandmother I remember they never lost hope. My grandmother memory for me will always be fantastic stories of African lands as she spoke several African dialects I assume she learnt them from the slaves in her father's house when she was a child. Good memories will always make our days look better than what they are. Thanks for sharing.

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

Thank u both ghriani and being me for the memories of your grand mothers , God bless their souls , and they are right , better days are yet to come , that is a good advice we should never gave up of hope and tomorrow !

Benghazi Citezen said...

Thank u all for your comments.I believe we have to learn from the past to improve future.We have to think of all the beloved ones who left us and to hope that their legacy will give us better days.