Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Being Me....

(Try not to ruin this by being...YOU) .
I barrowed this line from the beutiful movie of(As Good As It Gets),starring Jack Nicholson ,Helen Hunt , and Greg Kinnear.It is one of my favorite.
Don't worry,it is not in my intention to (ruin this by being me).At least I hope not to.I just find it very convenient to give my blog this silly title:Being Me.
The eternal question that haunted me was:Who are us?I mean the REAL us.
it seems that we have so many masks , so many roles to play that we feel lost and confused.
Sociologists say there is no real us.They say that a part of being humans is wearing all these masks and playing all these roles.We are some body's kid ,somebody's friend, somebody's lover ,parent, colleague,cousin,neighbour,,,,etc.And each role of these means to act in very different ways,some times it feels like there is so many people lives in the same body.
We are indeed a very complicated beings.
I still ask my self the same question:who are us?.I know the answer is not that easy.I know the answer will take many books and an army of scientists to answer.I know Being Me is all the roles i play, and all the masks i wear.I know there is no one real ME.
So this blog will represent that.There will be no special thing about it.I will not say or write some thing that will change the face of earth.I dont think I will add any thing new to your lives.But,if i got you to think for 10 minutes after reading something i wrote,this will be quiete an achievement.
Simply,i do this for me,and i wish i will find others who share me this.
In this blog i will try to be me.To talk about what makes me angry or happy,about some thing i read or saw,some experience I lived, to talk about my beloved city,Benghazi ,to talk what I hate about it,not because i hate it,but because i want it to be better.
I will try to do this regularly,but for how long?I don't know.Will you like it?I really don't know. Will you come back to read more?certainly I wish so.Do I talk too much??oh yeah.
So I will stop now.I hope I present some thing in this introduction.
That's all falks(with apologies to Warner Bros loony toons)
See you
Benghazi Citezen


life's cycle said...

dear friend :
nice beginning and nice start , and i am sure your blog will bring much to us ,and it will learn us much and most imp. yes u will keep us thinking after reading ur posts , i am sure about this .
good luck and keep blogging i am waiting for ur nexts posts .....

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

Welcome to the blogging land ...
It is a wonderful post to start with !!!
You are right inside each of us there is many personalities , many people , many masks !!!
And with every new mask we own , the real us just continue to disappear ,Maybe the real us was only exists when we were kids ..
Continue on blogging :o) that is the hardest thing about blog lol

Gheriani said...

Welcome to bloggerland, Benghazicitizen. After reading your post I beleive you've done a good start, though your question isn't easy to answer. Welcome again.

Benghazi Citezen said...

Thank you, Gheriani,BeSHeSHeNtRa, and life cycle.Happy to have you here .and thank you for your supportive ,nice words,and warm welcome,.
To tell you the truth,I owe you the pleasure of starting my own blog,since yours(the three blogs)were of the first i read,and i do like them.
Well,i will try to keep the fire there.Thanks

Khadijateri said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Benghazi Citizen said...

Thank u Khadija:)