Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello ,Security Council!!!!

Well,,Libya made the whole way to a seat in the United Nations Security Council...

If some body told me that 5 years ago ,I wouldn't even bother discussing the Possibility...

But times change ,and the enemies of yesterday are the (Council Buddies) today..

Libya crossed the whole 9 yards as it comes to its international relations ,this is a good thing ,i think....

So ,what will tomorrow bring to us?I certainly can't tell,but I'm sure there will be more surprises,I'm just holding my breath praying they will be for the best of Libya..

So i say again:

Hellow Security Council ,the Libyans are here,so have no fear...


Benghazi Citizen


dusk till dawn said...

well i quite agree wt u.
we did suffer alot and as libyan been ignored.libya desreve a seat .thats will give a chance to raise our voice, and it will help to make a new friend ship ,
lets just be optimistic and wish for the best,iam sure we will learn alot out of it

Benghazi Citizen said...

I agree..
i hope we will see the window of the opportunity here and seize it....
But knowing how libya dealt with its international relations lately is a little comforting,,,we did survived a lo and know is the time for the prize
Benghazi Citizen

American Student said...

Hi Benghazi Citizen,

I found your blog for a project and was initially drawn to it because of the great pictures from your trip and because I know very little about Libya.

After reading, I can see that you are happy that Libya has made it onto the Security Council. I also read that you were upset about the way America has treated Iraq, and I was wondering what you believe the general sentiment towards America/Americans in Libya is.

I look forward to reading more about your trip and seeing more pictures of the Green Mountains!